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MEET OWNER arnaud stevens

Owner and creative force behind Plate, Arnaud is a classically trained chef and passionate restauranteur.

From a young age in France he was heavily influenced by his mother and uncle and the Southern French culture of food and dining where people enjoy traditional, flavoursome, honest food with a modern, creative twist and where people eat and smile and are uninterrupted whilst they eat.

Arnaud has worked for 20 years to recreate this feeling in London, culminating in the shared plates and relaxed dining experience at Plate. Influences also come from the chefs he has worked with including: Gordon Ramsay, Jason Atherton, Gary Rhodes and Richard Corrigan. At Plate Arnaud has built a team of passionate and creative staff who live to cook and create an environment that is warm, earthy and organic where people relax undisturbed whilst they eat and talk.



Previously the Senior Sous Chef at SixtyOne and Executive Chef of country house hotel Down Mall, Matt Hill works alongside Arnaud Stevens as the Executive Chef at Plate Restaurant London.

Having been in the industry for over 18 years working in independent restaurant to 5 star hotels & Michelin restaurants he previously worked with Peter Reffell at the Bleeding Heart and Tom Aikens at Tom Aikens and Mark Jordan from Pink Geranium. Food has been his passion from a young age and has been dedicated to it ever since, first working around the Hertfordshire area before making his move to London.

Matt loves to create new dishes starting from a classically trained background, then use innovative flavour and cooking techniques to complement the dish.



Starting in the industry at the young age of 19, Josh has a real passion for food. His first role saw him propelled straight in to fine dining, working in two different restaurants over the space of three years whilst he found his style in the kitchen, swiftly becoming the sous chef after just one year.

Josh joined Plate as junior Sous Chef, working alongside Executive Chef Matt Hill and Chef Patron Arnaud Stevens to create some of the dishes that customers of Plate still love today; then after 5 months became one of our Head Chefs, leading the rest of the team to discover new and exciting dishes.

In his role as Head Chef, Josh brings a fresh perspective to food in the kitchen and his passion shines through with every new dish he creates.